Key Personnel

Boris Rotman, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Founder of BCR Diagnostics, Inc., Dr. Rotman has done basic and applied research in the fields of Biochemistry, Cellular Immunology, and Molecular Biology. Early in his career, he was the first to synthesize derivatives of fluorescein as fluorogenic substrates for extending the sensitivity of enzymatic assays. Fluorogenic substrates are non-fluorescent molecules yielding fluorescent products upon enzymatic cleavage.

Using a fluorogenic substrate of β-galactosidase, he pioneered the concept that reducing the reaction volume to picoliters allows for measuring the activity of single enzyme molecules. In the past decade, this concept has found clinical applications for ultrasensitive testing. 

An unexpected by-product of using fluorogenic substrates was the discovery of a general cellular phenomenon known as fluorochromasia. His laboratory was the first to apply fluorochromasia for quantitative measurements of antibody-mediated cytotoxicity of tumor cells. In 1985, fluorochromasia was used as the basis to develop a new cytotoxicity assay (fluorescent cytoprint assay) for determining the chemosensitivity profile of fresh human tumor specimens.

In addition, the discovery of activating antibodies in his laboratory opened the field of functional antibodies, i.e., immunoglobulins that induce conformational changes in enzymes.

Dr. Rotman obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois, and he is Professor emeritus of Medical Science at the W. Alperts Medical School of Brown University. In 1990, he received the Award for Scientific Achievement from the Governor of Rhode Island.  His biography can be accessed here.

Daniel J. Sussman, Ph.D.

Dr. Sussman joined BCR Diagnostics in December, 2011 as Vice President for Research and Development. His expertise spans across several disciplines including molecular biology, immunology, diagnostics, and product development.

His scientific career includes positions as a Program Director at the National Cancer Institute, and Vice President of New Horizons Diagnostics, a biotechnology company producing rapid antibody-based diagnostics for the detection of infectious diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhea and cholera. One of the projects he directed was the development of a rapid lateral-flow diagnostic for the detection of Streptococcus equi, which causes strangles in horses, and is currently in field trials.

Dr. Sussman received his degree in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University in 1986.  Subsequently, he received a Fellowship to study genetics at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Jennifer L. Watkins, Ph.D.

Dr. Watkins joined BCR in September 2012 as a Research Associate.  Her academic expertise spans several disciplines including molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. More specifically, she has researched protein structure as it relates to various functions such as the acquisition of fluorescence or the ability to bind ATP. 

At BCR, Dr. Watkins first joined the team developing the rapid Biological Indicator (BCR-30-min BI™), which is currently under FDA review. 

Subsequently, she became a lead researcher in validating the use of FiBIR™ (Fiber-based Internal Reflection) for amplifying fluorescent signals.  In 2014, Dr. Watkins was promoted to Laboratory Director at BCR.

Dr. Watkins received her degree from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry from Arizona State University in 2012.  She is Professor of Western Science at PIHMA College and Clinic, Phoenix, AZ.  Her biosketch can be found here.

Apr 18, 2017
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Chandler, Arizona, April 18, 2017

        Taking sterility testing to higher levels, BCR Corp. offers a remarkably simple and rapid Biological Indicator (BI) containing spores of heat-resistant bacteria.

        The BCR-30-min BI™ is the first rapid BI that perfectly matches CDC’s definition of an ideal monitoring system.



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